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Frequently asked questions

I need a new cover for my catchment tank, what information do you need to help me select a cover?

Due to the fact that there are many variations of tanks even with the same total volume. We need to know the Diameter (width all the way across) of your tank to correctly help you select a cover. Without the Diameter we will be making an educated guess at best.

I want to buy a uv sterilization unit for my system, what information do you need to help me select a UV Unit?

Since UV Sterilization Units are rated to perform within certain flow rates. We need to know the Horse Power of your Pump to correctly help you select a UV Unit. If you select an improper UV unit, it may not be able to sterilize your water.

Water is spilling over the side of my tank causing rust, what do I do?

Water spillover is the leading cause of tank failures we see. Most tank system designs will have an Overflow Preventer hanging over the side of the tank that is meant to keep the water level inside the tank 3" or more from the top edge of the tank. You should first try re-priming your overflow, submerge fully under water and "burp" out all of the air, and re hang it on your tank. If your Overflow Preventer is primed and you are still seeing water spill over the tank, you may need an additional overflow.

The water from my faucet is coming out slower than it usually does, what's broken?

More often than not, all you need to do is replace your filters.

Even if you think the problem is with another component of your system, we highly recommend changing the filters before attempting repairs on anything else.