Viqua (Previously Sterilight) Brand UV UNITS

VIQUA is the world’s largest supplier of residential UV water disinfection systems, providing safe water without the use of chemicals. Whether you choose a point-of-entry or a point-of-use system, your VIQUA UV system will disinfect your drinking water, keeping you and your family safe from microbiological contaminants.

Greenway Brand UV units

Greenway® UV Standard Series systems provide a basic design for effective disinfection through a double-ended high-grade stainless steel chamber and UV light. The easy to install Standard Series UV systems inactivate bacteria and viruses (such as E-coli, Salmonella ) and are perfect for a cottage or home.


UV Sterilization units are the second and final stage in cleaning stored water for potable usage. Regardless of brand the most important factor is to select a unit that matches or exceeds the flow rate of the water system's pump in Gallons Per Minute (GPM), otherwise the UV unit cannot properly sterilize the water passing through it. At Waterworks we offer two different brands of UV units in both 5 GPM and 12 GPM varieties.

Most UV Systems have bulbs that are rated for 1 year, we offer replacement bulbs for all the units that we carry as well as replacement bulbs for brands and systems that are common on the Big Island.


Capturing and Pressurizing your water are important steps. But without using the proper equipment, you water is not considered potable or fit for human consumption. A combination of Water Filters and a UV System will treat your water and make it potable.

Physical Water Filtration

Physical water filters are the first stage in cleaning stored water for potable use. There are various sizes and brands available but WaterWorks carries three different sized filters and filter housings;

2.5" x 10" filters
4.5" x 10" filters
4.5" x 20" filters

We stock multiple varieties of each of these sizes in both Sediment filters and Carbon filters. For most applications we recommend a dual filter installation with a 30 micron Sediment filter and a 5 micron Carbon filter. Please note that physical filtration alone with these micron ratings do not make stored water potable, a UV sterilization unit is still needed to complete the process.

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